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Delicious comfort food

Comfort food is a traditional meal that has sentimental appeal.  It brings you back to your childhood when someone would make a hearty, easy to eat meal that would make you feel...comforted.  There are psychological studies out there showing that when comfort foods are consumed they have a positive effect on someone's emotions and can also relieve negative thoughts.  An American comfort food that stands the test of time is macaroni and cheese, now known as mac and cheese.  It was a classic, simply made with cheese, cream, and elbow pasta. These days people are being creative by adding their favorite food items, different flavored cheeses, and even baking it so it has a crunchy top... YUM!

Here at The Fix our goal is to give your appetite The Fix it needs.  What better food to do that with than mac and cheese?! We take the highest quality pasta and cook it to perfection, then we mix fresh veggies, meats, and high quality cheeses with our house made creamy b├ęchamel sauce, then we top it with cheese and our house crunch and bake it until the cheese is warm and melted and the topping has the perfect glaze.  You can choose from our taste tested and highly approved recipes that will make your mouth water and fix your hunger.  We also fix up fresh made salads and tasty sandwiches/grilled cheese that are designed to make any stomach happy - and what better way to finish your meal then with a fresh baked cookie, home made fudge, or delicious cheesecake!

Need a quick stress fix? We've got several varieties of craft beer and big screen TVs in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. So come on in and get your Fix on - we're here at Main Gate Square to Fix you up!

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